Not How I Was Trained


After Columbine and then  Virginia Tech, LE training took a different tack on responding to active shooters.  We trained so that as soon as 4 officers were on site, we went after the shooter.  Not to rescue hostages, but to kill the shooter.  Plain and simple:  Kill the shooter.  The intel I received said that every local agency (and possibly nationally) was training the same way, so your entry team was not limited to officers of a specific department.  Everybody had the same tactical training and was ready to do the job.

Therefore, when I read this article I was dumbfounded.  We trained to attack the shooter with our duty sidearms, and these first responders had patrol rifles.  What the heck happened?  This appears to be just another indication of a false flag, or at least the interference of the insane offal office obozo and his supporters in LE administration. …

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