Suarez On Counter Terrorism


Anchoring Shots In Counter Terrorism

With the constant information coming in from Istanbul, Turkey and the Ataturk Airport.  As well the inevitability of that happening here as the American Jihadists increase their skills and operational tempo, I coined the “Istanbul Drill”.  The Istanbul Drill teaches us to shoot for the face and neck area as well as to follow up the downed terrorist with additional face and neck shots.

Set up two targets. One standing…one already on the deck.

  • Draw and fire a burst of five at the standing target…in the face of course.
  • Instantly transition to the downed target (representing the same guy – now fallen), and put an additional 5 shots into his downed face.

I will do a video of this in the next few weeks. But moving on.

The Instabul Drill has brought up a great deal of discussion at about what some call “anchoring…

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