How Do You Carry?


I remember stopping at the gun locker in the sally port in our jail and another deputy was picking up his firearm from an adjacent locker.  I found out this guy was not carrying with a round in the chamber and made a note to never be around this idiot out on the street.  Just because somebody is an LEO doesn’t make them competent with firearms.  When I went through the academy, many of the other cadets had never fired a gun in the lives. 

I got my first 1911 when I was 14 years old (I had a very forward-thinking mother) and started teaching myself to draw and shoot from an old army surplus flap-top holster.  You’d be amazed how fast you can pop that flap.  I was aware of carrying cocked and locked, but couldn’t do it in that holster, so carried in condition 3.  Hey, I was…

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