What Has It Got In Its Pocketses?

Amen Brother!


I thought it was funny that Jerry Falwell Jr. was carrying a gun in his back pocket, but that just gives me more respect for the man.  Christians should not all fit into the same mold.  We are all given different giftings, from preacher to healer to warrior, and sometimes people have multiple giftings.  Never judge another believer because they don’t carry a gun, or because they do.  They report to the Lord, not to you.  Who are you to judge another man’s servant?

So, the question is asked in this article:  Should Christians be encouraged to be armed?  And I ask, along with that, if they arm themselves, shouldn’t they be the best warriors in the world?  Sheepdog, if you are a believer, you must remember to whom you report.  Is your training  up to snuff?  Are you the best you can be?  Believers should be better warriors…

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