Make Sure You Are Not Mistaken For A Wolf


Sheepdog!  It is good to protect the sheep, but what happens when the shepherds show up?  Will they recognize you or treat you like a wolf?  It’s not just what happens during the fight, but afterwards.  Be smart, be safe.

Great advice from Suarez International.

Don’t get Shot By First Responders
It was July, 1992, right after the Rodney King Race Riots in Los Angeles.  My partner Al Acosta and I were assigned to a perimeter surveillance point in Los Angeles on what I recall was a bank robbery takedown.  We were both Gang Officers and sported the shaved head, steroided-out looking Gold’s Gym physiques and Fu Manchu facial hair.  The surveillance was likely going to turn into a gunfight so while attempting to fit into our environs, we were armed to the teeth.
Hour after hour we waited with our team, posted in various locations, for the target to…

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  1. Thanks! You should sign up for Gabe Suarez’s emails. Great stuff.


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