WROL: We Are Already There.


No-Rule-Of-LawToo many crooked cops, both local and federal feral, criminal behavior rampant all the wayfrom the lowest to the highest levels of government, the invasion of millions of illegal aliens and anti-American ‘immigrants,’ and a society that has been taught in our public school Marxist indoctrination gulags that they don’t need to obey rules if they ‘feel’ that those rules are wrong.  The proliferation of BS laws has created a situation in which law-abiding citizens cannot go through a single day without inadvertently breaking those laws and becoming criminals (if da gubmint decides to come after them) has created a WROL state in which no one is safe from a predatory ‘law enforcement’ organization. 

This so much reminds me of how the Soviet state operated under communism.  I realize that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago is a massive reading project to tackle, but one should be familiar with it…

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