Oath Keepers Webinar – Friday, Jul 22, 2016 8:00 PM CDT: What Patriots Must Do To Counter The Wave Of Marxist-Engineered Terrorist Violence

Western Rifle Shooters Association



Presenters will be:

– Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers Founder and President

– Matt Bracken, US Navy SEAL veteran and accurate predictor of the “Tet Take Two” wave of terrorism now hitting Europe and the US. He will discuss “Orlando Rules” for armed Americans, and his meme of “IGYB” (“I’ve Got Your Back”) for armed Americans to back up the good local cops, which meshes well with our Operation Backstop.

– John Karriman, Missouri Defensive Tactics Instructor, Missouri Oath Keepers leader and a national peace officer liaison for Oath Keepers.

– Greg McWhirter, current serving peace officer from Montana, and also a national peace officer liaison for Oath Keepers (both will give advice on coordinating with police)

– Rich Grumbine, South Carolina Oath Keepers Chapter President, and originator of our Operation Backstop concept. (ditto)

– Duncan Simmons, Louisiana Oath Keepers State Coordinator. (He will describe how the Louisiana chapter is…

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