Situational Awareness!!!


I don’t know how much warning these guys had, but it has come to that time when we need to shoot first and ask questions later.  There is no law that says you have to absorb the first blow, or even be swung on or shot at first.  If you can reasonably articulate a fear for life or limb, cap those bastards and put them out of your misery. Reasonable articulation of such fear does NOT mean saying “I thought he was gonna hurt me!  It is being articulate and specific about what caused your fear, and what you did to mitigate circumstances and avoid a confrontation if it was possible. 

As Krav Maga teaches, it is always better to avoid a fight than to engage in one.  But if you must fight, throw out all the rules and niceties and fight to inflict as much damage on your attacker…

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